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Waves4Power – a privately held Swedish Corporation – is developing, building and testing an Offshore Wave Energy Converter System, called the WaveEL-Buoy or just WaveEL.

Waves4Power’s mission is to make use of the abundant free energy in the oceans by bringing to market a cost efficient wave power technology with the market's lowest generation cost.

The first WaveEL-Buoy was launched on April 15, 2010, in the ocean near Vinga west of Gothenburg, Sweden, and was successfully tested for five months before retrieval in August 2010.

The company’s vision is to focus on system development, based on well-founded understandings of the Ocean environment and its unique challenges. The long-term goal is to become one of the most recognized technology leaders in the wave-power arena supplying low cost quality hardware and systems solutions based on the WaveEL-Buoy to utility- and power generation companies worldwide.

The Development Team at Waves4Power consists of a handful of the most experienced Wave-Power personalities in Sweden, all of them with prior experience from development and testing of multiple wave power systems.


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